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Brain Injury Damages

Client Results – FTCA and non-FTCA Cases

  • $1.0 million -failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • $250,000 -racial discrimination
  • $30,000 – Jones Act
  • $2.0 million – failure to diagnose epidermal abscesses
  • $1.9 million - construction site accident, bulkhead collapse
  • $1.2 million – motorcycle accident
  • $550,000 – kite boarding/recreational boating accident
  • $680,000 – construction site accident verdict
  • $450,000 - condemnation case verdict
  • $1.75 million - unnecessary hysterectomy verdict
  • $400,000 – failure to diagnose brain tumor (delayed diagnosis)
  • $675,000 - failure to diagnose infection
  • $2.5 million – failure to diagnose gastric bleeding
  • $525,000 – crane accident
  • $500,000 - construction site collapse accident
  • $100,000 -surgical scar
  • $300,000 – tugboat accident
  • $600,000surgical error vs. the United States of America
  • $650,000failure to diagnose glaucoma
  • $1.75 millionwrongful hysterectomy verdict
  • $1.0 millionfailure to diagnose cardiac anomaly
  • $3.0 millionfailure to diagnose pulmonary embolism
  • $800,000failure to diagnose heart attack
  • $3,500,000failure to diagnose the cause of paralysis and start treatment
  • $1,300,000unsafe hospital conditions
  • $570,000 - failure to diagnose diabetes
  • $750,000failure to diagnose stroke
  • $750,000paralysis from operating table
  • $3.0 millionundisclosed birth injury
  • $575,000failure to diagnose malignant melanoma
  • $700,000failure to diagnose aortic aneurysm
  • $1.5 millionbrain injury caused at birth
  • $1 million – failure to diagnose prostate cancer
  • $563,247operative error in child

Brain Injury From Surgery in Military Hospital

Brain injuries caused by medical negligence or medical mistake are particularly devastating.  They can have a profound and permanent impact upon the life of the individual harmed, as well as on the person’s family.

Brain injuries can affect a person in many different ways.  Brain injury can cause physical mobility issues, such as paralysis.  Brain injury can affect the cognitive ability of an injured individual so he or she may no longer be capable of certain types of mental activities.  Brain injury can also affect the emotional aspects of a person, such that they are no longer able to control their emotions or react appropriately to everyday events.

Causes of Brain Injury in Medical Negligence Cases

There are a number of ways in which a brain injury may occur in a medical setting.  During surgery, an anesthesiologist may fail to deliver sufficient oxygen to the patient, which can result in the brain being damaged.  Brain damage can also result if a medical mistake is made, such as an action that disrupts blood flow to the brain.  Brain damage can also result from injury directly to the brain in the course of brain surgery.

When Brain Injury Occurs Due To Medical Negligence, Our Firm Fights Back

When brain injury occurs at a military healthcare facility, our firm represents the injured and their families in seeking just compensation for the injuries and damages suffered.  We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that we are not owed any fees unless and until we recover for our clients.  We work tirelessly on their behalf to advance their case and to seek to hold accountable those responsible for causing injury.

In the case of those injured at a military healthcare facility, we bring suit on behalf of our clients under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).  This Act allows us to sue the United States government for the actions of its employees, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.